I know several people who are heading to Las Vegas soon for one reason or another.  Like me, they are all looking for the best places to eat.  If you are too, you can’t go wrong with Tacos and Tequila.  T & T is located on the mezzanine level of the Luxor, smack in the middle of the giant hollow pyramid.  They describe the design of the place as having the ‘cool modernism of new Mexico City as well as traditional elements of Mexico style and high-end Las Vegas panache.’  I’d say that’s pretty much it exactly.

Here you will find some of the best cocktails on the strip, special events, daily specials and a great Sunday brunch with a Mariachi band (Don’t worry, they don’t walk around and stand at your table).

Two things you should know before you go.

1. This is Las Vegas – the Disneyland for adults.  If you’re the type of person who complains about the price of a bottle of water in Disneyland, you may think this place a little pricey too.  $12 for 3 tacos, beans and rice is only expensive if you’re at Taco Bell.  This is not Taco Bell.

2. This is not tu madres authentic Mexican food.  This is not gourmet, hipster Mexican food.  Both of those can be amazing in their own right, but T & T is a delicious combination of both and that’s something you don’t find just anywhere.

The menu is extensive featuring all of your favorite Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas – all with a gourmet twist.  Not to be overlooked, they have an amazing Ceviche menu as well featuring tuna, shrimp or mahi-mahi.

They have several types and styles of tacos there.  I’ve had three types and each one was amazing.  The way the meat is prepared is true to some of the best authentic Mexican tacos I’ve eaten while the vegetables, other fillings and garnishes make up the gourmet twist that sets off the unique deliciousness that I’ve only had there.

CARNITAS - Slow roasted pork, flour tortilla, orange segments, pickled onion, habanero salsa.



CHILORIO - Spicy Mexican style pulled pork, flour tortilla, crema fresca, pickled onion, salsa verde.





ALAMBRE – Grilled skirt steak, flour tortilla, bacon, Oaxaca cheese, chile poblano, onion and cilantro.



Terrific atmosphere, quick and friendly service and tons of delicious choices.  If you’re looking to get away from the buffets and enjoy something familiar yet unfamiliar, Taco’s and Tequila is the place to be.  

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