Last week, I received a very interesting letter from the Republican National Committee, addressed to my father who passed away in September.  Brief rundown…it’s a guilt trip for not contributing recently.  I’ve posted it for your enjoyment.

So, where do I even start after I’m just about done screaming in anguish after reading that fucking trash?  It made me shake…physically ill.

First, let me say that this is the most abusive, guilt-enriched letter I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading.  I don’t think Jon Stewart’s grandmother could have guilted him any better than this…

And to continue…Fuck. You.  No, he hasn’t given up on you.  Unfortunately, he never gave up on you.  He didn’t abandon you.  He abandoned all of us after a long hard fight.  He just happened to die, YOU DUMBASS, PIECE OF SHIT, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!  Why don’t you check with the Social Security Office before sending out letters like this, anyway?  Would it be that hard?  Because, you know as well I do, that your base is old as shit and dying off at a rapid pace.

I mean, really…if he doesn’t contribute, America will continue a march towards “European socialism”?  Who all does that include, anyway?  Propaganda machine, in full swing from the very start of your degrading, guilt ridden letter.

Pop…they “know things come up” – LIKE DEATH, YOU FUCKS!  But they’re “concerned” and hope you haven’t “deserted our Party”.  Yes, things come up, you ruthless bastards.  Things like having a heart attack, requiring heart surgery.  Things like living on a fucking ventilator for months.  Things like infection, muscle atrophy, rehab and loss of hope.  Things like dying after days, weeks, months and years of fighting cancer and immune system issues.  You’re not showing concern for his well-being, you’re showing concern for your bank account.  Those are two completely different things.

And what do you think this Vietnam Vet would have thought, had you told him that you hope he hasn’t “deserted”?  It’s insinuating he’s gone AWOL, a serious situation for him to be in.  Very dishonorable at that, right?  Again, you fucking PRICKS…you know what you’re saying there…

So, in conclusion…Pop, don’t “turn your back” on them.  Please, dear lord…don’t do that and just turn tail and run.  That will bring the Socialists to power!  Is that what you want, you Commie bastard?!  You’re just going to desert your Party?!  Where’s your HONOR?!  Your COURAGE?!  Your COMMITMENT?!  BACK TO YOUR POST, SAILOR!!!

Motherfuckers should be ashamed of themselves for purposely deceiving the elderly and infirm in this manner…email them at if you’d like to tell them yourself.

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