I don’t know how I got there…but “there” is an awesome place.  Lee Harvey’s is tucked away in the armpit of Dallas – but is an amazing little place that you shouldn’t pass it up.

Like I said, somehow you get to 1807 Gould St. in Southwest Dallas – through all of the razor wire covered chain link fences cutting between the neighborhood’s front yards, people standing around on street corners and boarded up houses and find plenty of parking for this little place with a HUGE patio.  But looks can be deceiving, because all research shows that this isn’t a necessarily bad neighborhood.  It’s much worse north of 30 in the West End and Downtown areas.

We were lucky enough to show up on a Sunday – which to them is Dog Days.  How awesome is it to walk up to the 6′ chain link fence to see a crowd of people sitting around on picnic tables with several dogs running around playing?  To me, it’s perfection!

We went in and moved inside with the night chill coming on.  We quickly found a booth by the bar.  To say this place has character would be an understatement.  The dim lighting and old beer signs made us feel like we’ve been missing out on this place for a long time.  The selection on beer is limited, but there are some good favorites like Sierra Nevada and Maredsous 8.  The service at the bar was excellent throughout the night. They may have been pretty busy, but they stayed on top of both sides.

First up, onion rings - perfectly cooked with a chipotle aioli on the side.  They sure didn’t last long between the four of us.

We had all heard how good the burgers and quesadillas are, so that’s what we went with.  Again, the service was great and everything came out how we specifically ordered it – most important of all, no pickles on the side of my plate.

The quesadilla was standard bar food, but the spices used made it worth our while.  It would be a great lunch or appetizer, which happens to be the part of menu it’s on…

Now comes the greatness – THE BURGERS ARE AMAZING.  They have an excellent char around the edges and juicy, but well done.  I know you may not approve of the well done-ness of my burger, but it was delicious.  Joe ordered one medium-well, but thought it still came out a little too much on the well side…no worries, though.  The bacon, cheddar and avocado were all an amazing mix of flavor inside of a toasted bun.  We’ll definitely be back soon for another.

The best part of the night, since we’re dog lovers was the Pointer who claimed the area inside as his own.  He may have accidentally wound up with one of my french fries…annnnd maybe the last of my burger.  Oops.

Overall…find your own way and go get a great burger.  See you there!  


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