While most people avoid it like poison their whole life, read this and you will actually have a reason to visit Lancaster, Texas…  in fact, you will have two.  Believe me, I know any justification to get near Lancaster would have to be damn good.  Well, how about I give you the best damn rational of all… tattoos and Mexican food.

Here’s the scenario.  You want some new ink and you want it from an extremely talented artist and at a reasonable price.  So, you head to The Tattoo Shack located at 1326 N. Dallas Rd, Lancaster TX who has several of the best artist anywhere.  You walk in and find a soft spoken gentleman in a wheelchair named Guero.  He’s the owner and head artist.  You tell him you read on BestDamnThings that he is the best.  He quietly affirms your assessment.  Since you are a pro and a total original, you know enough to never choose a design from off of any tattoo shop wall and begin to discuss your custom design with Guero.  After a few question of confirmation, he goes to work hand drawing your idea.  You say you’ll be back in about 45 minutes and walk across the street to Lancaster Taqueria for the best fucking gordita you’ve ever had (and I don’t mean the literal Spanish translation of a fat girl.)

You’re there before they close (6pm Monday through Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.)  You walk in and belly straight up to the counter (or caja as instructed on handwritten signage).  You order two, as you know they are packed fat with juicy meats and couldn’t handle more than two.  You choose a cold drink from the reach in coolers which are full of every type of Mexican drink you can imagine and relax at a table.  Your order is delivered piping hot in a matter of a few minutes along with two jumbo bowls of red and green salsa.  You enjoy the best fucking gorditas you’ve ever had.  Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  Perfectly cooked meat mixed with white onions and fresh cilantro.  You then choose a celebratory six pack of your favorite beer “to-go” from the reach in coolers on the other side of the dining room, you pay your tiny bill and walk back to The Tattoo Shack.

Guero has your design all finished.  You love it.  He puts it under your skin.  You just had the best goddamn evening of your life… and it was in Lancaster, TX.

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2 Responses to Fat girls and tattoos.

  1. Michelle says:

    Them gorditas are delicious, and Guero is an amazing artist. I have seen his work up close and personal on several people. I wouldn’t get ink from anybody else.

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