Ladies and Gentlemen…if you haven’t been to Double Down Saloon, you’re missing something special…it is, after all, “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

Do you love dive bars as much as I do?  Go ahead, look up “dive bars las vegas” – you’ll see that Double Down is far and away the number one place to experience.  Better yet, ask your cab driver – he’ll immediately say that he’s taking you to Double Down.

Home of “The Fabled Ass Juice”, the Double Down is a dark, punk / rock bar with outstanding service by guys like Brett – who was serving up drinks and one-liners all night.  It’s like he’s not even working…he’s just there having fun.  Donning his Peccodilloes t-shirt, he shows his support for the kick ass local music scene and jukebox in the place.  It’s right next to the vending machine – pretty much the only source of food in there.  But we’ll get to other options for that later.

Now, you may see Brett holding a strange looking bottle, right?  Were you wondering what the hell is in it?  It matches up with the picture to the left here…see the Bacon Martini?  Sounds DELICIOUS doesn’t it?!  First, let me say don’t go there without ordering one.  Many of my friends have tried it…one liked it.  So, you know, maybe you will, too.  All I know is that is makes my asshole pucker just thinking about it.

One thing you also absolutely have to try is – Hop Box IPA.  It’s brought in by Joseph James Brewing in Henderson, NV.  It’s only rated a 77 on BeerAdvocate, but I’m a big fan of it now.  Double / Imperial IPA, super hoppy and 9.3% alcohol level and one of the best beers in the place – get it.
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, they have this hilarious poster up advertising Leprechaun Piss!  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  They’re just as delicious as the Ass Juice we had multiple shots of!  If you’re going to be in town anytime soon, you definitely need to stop in for some.  Just be careful…they sneak up on you.
Remember that vending machine I was talking about earlier?  That’s not your only option for food!  [However awesome an idea it is...] Call Milano’s Pizza - it’s fantastic pizza, and not just because we were drunk.  We were hammered last year when we tried it, but this time we ordered it sober…and it was still great!  They’re right next door and “deliver”…through the Double Down’s rear door.  In-credible.  So, in conclusion – SHUT UP AND DRINK!

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  1. sjp says:

    lies. the best dive bar in the country is Angelo’s in Milwaukee.

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