I’m so excited to see this documentary, I can barely contain myself.  It follows 5 school kids around, observing the treatment they receive from their peers.  It was originally intended to be PG-13 and available for viewing in schools throughout the country.  Unfortunately the MPAA rated it R and that won’t be happening.

The Weinstein Bros., who acquired the movie after the Tribeca Film Festival, appealed that rating…and got nowhere.  In reaction to that, they’re just going to release it unrated, no holds barred.  It seems to me like it will be even more heart-wrenching to watch in that capacity.  It’s something that parents need to see and that can still be accomplished.  Most likely, the bully’s parents are assholes, too…but at least the parents of the kids being bullied can have their eyes opened to the warning signs.

The rating is a shame.  Bullied kids need to see this film, to help them understand that communication is the key.  Telling someone at school, in your family or hell…a bigger friend…can set them free from the pain and suffering they try to avoid at all costs.  They fake sickness, isolate themselves and try to hide, but none of it helps.  Suicide becomes and option for many of them.  Bullies need to see it to understand, on some level, what impact they’re having on the people they abuse.  Seeing a story about it can remove them from reality just enough to allow themselves to be honest about their behavior and possibly make them think twice about it in the future.  Why the MPAA would cloak a high quality film like this due to only coarse language is beyond me.  The overall positive impact it could make by being shown in classrooms and auditoriums across the country is unimaginable.  Watch the trailer below…it opens on March 30, you should go see it…but after watching this, I don’t think I even need to say that.

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