Today, we took a trip to the Square Point Grill in Rockwall, TX.  Very fresh, untraditional Mexican just off of Lake Ray Hubbard in Downtown Rockwall.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food there!  I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of it – again, probably being overly judgmental.  I didn’t think a little Mexican place I hadn’t heard of in little ol’ Downtown Rockwall would have anything to offer…I should stop doing that.  This place is special.

We walked in at lunchtime and there were  a few tables taken already, so that was a good sign.  [This photo was taken on the way out...]  It’s a cozy place in an old brick building.  There’s only seating for about 40 people, with a full bar at the back.  I don’t know how long the building has been here, but it adds a lot of character to the place.  It’s really been a revolving door for the businesses that have taken up residence here.

We were greeted very quickly and she was also our server.  Excellent service!  The chips and salsa were damn good!  Still warm, the salsa overflowed with cilantro – which I’m a huge fan of.  It sure did have a KICK!  The wife wound up quitting…I ate almost all of the two bowls you see here.  And…it was delicious.

After looking through the menu for something…different…we came across something that fit the bill – Avocado Enchiladas.  One of the two on the plate you see to the left is chicken – just in case. Next time?  Both will be Avocado.  To be fair, it was more guacamole than anything, but whatever.  The Avocado Enchiladas were just…they were amazing.  They were complimented by the beans and rice, which were super-salty, so high blood pressure folks watch out.  The other Chicken Enchilada was great, too.  The chicken was extra tender and still moist.  A lot of the time you get some rubbery, chicken-like dried out meat in a Chicken Enchilada, but this was perfection on a plate.  So, the best for last – the Cilantro sauce that topped them off [you also have a sour cream option, one you will never see me take] was INCREDIBLE.  What a different type of sauce to enjoy on top of the two fantastic enchiladas that you can’t find everywhere.

Overall, job well done.  We’ll be going back and you should, too.

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