Dallas/Fort Worth is huge.  The metroplex encompasses 9,286 square miles, making it larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined.  There’s about 6 million shitheels who live here forever making traffic a sumbitch and going anywhere pretty much a pain in the ass.  But even this overcrowded, smog filled, brown cloud can have a silver lining – such as with a place this colossal there’s something new to be discovered every day.

Even after residing in DFW for 15 years I still find new cool stuff all the time, although it does take some looking.  Since nothing here is concentrated, it can be quite a hindrance having to turn over so many stones so far between each other but the rewards are often worth the inconvenience.

Well, I’ve done my due diligence and have dug up another foodie winner, nay winners for your consideration.  This time located in the metroplex suburb Grapvine, TX.  This little place (places) is like nothing I’ve seen before.  In an aging strip center at 1212 William D. Tate in Grapevine, TX I found three side by side restaurants – Peace Burger, El Taco H and Baja Grill.  This trio seems ordinary and unassuming on the surface, but uniqueness is at its core.  They are conjoined sister restaurants, connected at the kitchen!

Let’s start with El Taco H.  This tiny, dive-esque taco joint is the real deal.  First of all, the walls are covered with images of famous lucha libre luchadores (a concept I find incredibly original.)  Just as impressive is the amazing menu.  Real Mexican food with an obvious California/Baja influence.  Ergo the beer battered fish tacos with cabbage, cilantro, tomato and baja sauce for $2.50.  They also have real Mexican style tacos (double corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of meat for a buck twenty five each) and an amazing condiment bar with every type of topping you could want including a grilled onion and jalapeño medley.  They also serve all sorts of impressive burritos and quesadillas.  The food is prepared fast and you pick it up in a paper lined plastic basket at the counter.  Expect big portions, succulent meats, amazing flavors and cheap prices!

Looking to take it up a notch and add in real plates and silverware with a server bringing you well prepared margaritas from a full bar? Then the adjacent Baja Grill is the place to be.  This grill shares a kitchen with El Taco H.  Many of the same menu items are available at both places but the Baja Grill takes it a few steps further with the addition of mouth watering fajitas, enchiladas, tamales and every other Mexican platter you can imagine.  Plus here you can also enjoy what is commonly referred to as the best margaritas in Dallas.  They offer several to choose from including their homemade sangria swirl.  All of this is coupled with a fantastic, laid back atmosphere.  You gotta see this menu.

To complete this tasty trifecta is Peace Burger.  The third of this family owned trio is actually an incarnation of the owners daughter.  Peace Burger is a genuine dive bar and grill.  Here you will also find many of the same items you can find next door at El Taco H and/or Baja Grill.  Only at Peace Burger you will also find some of the best burgers in DFW and for only 5 bucks! (Yes, the burger pictured on the right is only $5!)  Unbelievably there’s nothing on the heavenly menu over $7.  In addition to the already ridiculously low prices, they offer several amazing daily specials such as $2.50 Mexican bottled beers on Tuesdays.  Their menu is also highly influenced by Mexico, again heavy on the California/Baja region.  There’s many bar food options to choose from including Carne Asada fries, wings and much more but the burgers are king.  Look at the menu here and see for yourself.

You should definitely check these places out.  Then you can thank me for setting you up with the best damn threesome you ever had.

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