There’s a consistent collective thought among BBQ fans in Dallas, TX – finding the good stuff is not an easy task.  Sure there’s a chain BBQ joint on every other corner, but authentic pits seem to be sparse at best.  Enter Meshack’s in the Dallas eastern suburb of Garland.

Meshack’s BBQ Shack located at 240 East Avenue B is just that indeed, a shack.  It’s carry out only or more accurately it’s “carry away” as you actually order and pick up from a walk up window.  The parking lot is cramped and since the place routinely makes D Magazine’s top lists there’s no wonder the line is usually pretty long.

They only offer two sides, baked beans and potato salad, both of which are memorable.  The beans have a rich bacon flavor and the potato salad delivers a remarkable sweetness I’ve never tasted before.  As good as the sides are though the ribs, brisket and sausage are the main attraction.

This family owned small business hours are marked as “Open 10:30 until…”  The “until” meaning until there’s nothing left.  It’s generally known by patrons that Meshack’s routinely runs out of food.  So the trick is to get there early – you snooze you lose.

No doubt about it, this BBQ is world class.  Imagine going to a champion BBQ masters backyard get together, mingling with other friendly people who share in your love and expertise of smoked meats and you may get a sense of what experiencing this Que is really like.

Click on these high resolution photo’s and you’ll see what I mean.

The Brisket:  Sliced or chopped.  This is a very smoky, tender and juicy brisket with just the right amount of perfectly rendered fat.  If you like burnt ends, they will oblige giving you extra amounts of the wonderful crust.

The Ribs:  Fall off the bone isn’t an accurate enough description.  These ribs are so tender I literally sucked the meat and marrow from the bone.  The smoke and juice is all the way through this meat with just the perfect amount of bark on the outside.  Absolute perfection.

The Sausage:  This delicious red sausage stays right in line with the other wonderfully smoked meats.  Just the right amount of spice make these tender vittles among the best I’ve had anywhere.

You can order anything with their homemade tangy, not too sweet regular, spicy or no sauce.  All meats are available on a sandwich, as a plate, as a single order or by the pound.

If you’re a serious BBQ connoisseur, you must make the trip to Meshack’s.  Just make sure you bring your appetite and although it won’t take much, bring your cash as they don’t accept credit cards.

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