The Taste of Dallas 2012 festival was not great.  I found it to be quite a pathetic showcase of what the city really has to offer.  I think we all know we have a Joe’s Crab Shack and McDonald’s and don’t need to sample their delicacies.  But if you looked hard enough it was possible to find a few new and exciting things like the food truck section and particularly within the newly added beer tasting event called Taste Tavern.

The Taste Tavern was the main reason we went this year and even more so we went specifically to check out a new local brewery named Revolver Brewing.  Revolver is located in Granbury, Texas and has yet to brew a large batch but it’s coming soon.  They were at the event to give beer lovers a taste of what they can expect from the family and friends operation… and it was amazing.  The brewery and their beer stand out among a growing crowd of micro breweries in many ways, including their decision to can, rather than bottle their terrific creations.  The brew master and his family are great people and we are looking forward to seeing their awesome beer in our favorite Dallas hangouts and in our refrigerators very soon.  We feel privileged to have the inside info about their hush hush start date for brewery tours (don’t worry Rhett, we won’t tell).  You simply must have their Blood and Honey.

We were also lucky enough to sample an “event only” beer from Leinenkugels new line under the name Big Eddy.  Big Eddy Wee Heavy Scotch Ale is ridiculously delicious.  It’s 9% ABV without a trace of heat.  This is one of the most fragrantly sweet beers I’ve ever sniffed up my snooter.  It has an incredibly creamy mouth feel too.  It is available in half kegs for distribution and according to the Leinenkugel rep if you beg your favorite bar owner for it they can get it.  Get on your knees!  Also look for the new Big Eddy Imperial IPA available soon.

I loved the fact that we were able to taste the new Coors product named Batch 19 without actually having to buy it.  The PR machine is in full force with this one, claiming it is a pre prohibition recipe they just found – blah blah blah.  Long story short, it’s Shiner Bock.

We sampled a few beers from New Braunfels Guadalupe Brewing Company; the Rye IPA and a Honey Ale.  I felt they fit right in with most other Austin area beers… meh, they’re okay.

Jester King is another Austin brewery, only of an obvious higher caliber.  Their Wytchmaker Rye IPA is great.

Boulevard was there from good ole KC with nothing new.  But tasting their greatest hits like Sixth Glass, Tank 7 and Dark Truth was like a welcome home party for my taste buds.  The Boulevard rep was tremendously informative and gave us a tip regarding their amazing latest edition to the Smokestack Series – a sour ale named Lovechild #2.  It’s 9.6% ABV and is an EXTREMELY limited release that took two years to make.  It’s aged in wine, oak and port barrels of all types like chardonnay, merlot, whiskey and on and on.  It’s only going to be in a few stores in our area and each of them will only get one single case.  I have the skinny on where to get it tomorrow (Monday July 16th) as it will first be delivered.  I’ll tell you where to get it, but if you beat me there and buy it all I will find you and fucking kill you.  North Oak Cliff Beer and Wine will have one case and it will be $20 per 750ml bottle.

I was pleased to see that the PBR and Corona booths remained mostly empty the entire time.  Who the hell needs to spend a ticket to taste that?  The same people who buy a Joe’s Crab Shack sample I suppose.

Rahr continued to under impress me with their Storm Cloud IPA and Pecker Wrecker Imperial Pilsner.  The best part was when I ordered the sample I got the chance to ask the Rahr rep to wreck my pecker.

It wasn’t all beer though. We watched the head chef of Bryan Street Tavern demonstrate how he cooks a few dishes and we sampled them.  We learned of the AMAZING East Dallas Community and Market Garden located at 1416 N Fitzhugh where “Every Saturday morning, and many other mornings as well, depending on the season, the gardeners at the East Dallas Community and Market Garden, on Fitzhugh Avenue (between Ross and Bryan), sell produce to the public. The vegetables are grown by the gardeners themselves, and are sold to pay for water, tools, seeds, and other costs. These Cambodian and Lao gardeners favorite crops include: water spinach, bitter melon, wax gourd, long beans, taro stem, ivy leaf gourd vine tips, green onions, and a wide variety of herbs.”  You go there and pick it off the plant or dig it up yourself!   We also ate some great Turkish food from Selim’s Doner Kebap and had various other good food.

So there you go… my account of the evening.  Despite the offered tastings being majority corporate places, it was a lot of fun and we got plastered.  All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.



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