This is where you’ve always wanted to go…you just didn’t know it.

As the week draws to a close, I’ll share some excellent brews we shared at the glorious Anvil Pub in Deep Ellum…

If you haven’t been inside the Anvil, you’re missing out. We’ve reviewed them here before, but you may have overlooked it! Check it out!

The service is always awesome. This time we had a server we hadn’t seen before – Megan. Hope we spelled it right. She seems to be a little crazy, so we don’t want her hunting us down or anything. If nothing else, we know her weakness. Get one Spaten Optimator in her and I don’t think she’d be in a killing frenzy any longer.



 The atmosphere in this place is one of the best in town. They mean it when they say “Pub”. Sometimes you go into places that don’t seem to know the meaning of the word. This dark, brick and dark stained paneling lined place follows through. The food is incredible here, too. It’s no wonder we decided to come here for BBW. The beer list is fairly good and they had some rotators no one else seemed to have right now.




The first one of the trip was Squatters Hell’s Keep from the Utah Brewing Cooperative. It’s a fairly tame Strong Belgian Pale Ale. It’s light, with a good creamy head on it. Overall, BeerAdvocate gives it an 85 in the community. Great summer beer that you could drink all night long on a patio somewhere.






Man, what can I say about Saison Dupont from Brasserie Dupont in Belgium? It scores a 93 at BeerAdvocate, which translates into “Exceptional”, it doesn’t disappoint. Very smooth and easy to drink for anyone, beer drinker or not. You need to have this one. It’s a Saison, or Farmhouse Ale. Many breweries have been trying to come up with a good recipe for Farmhouse Ales lately. One significant to our area is Deep Ellum Brewery’s Farmhouse Wit. It doesn’t come close to comparing to this age-old Saison from Belgium.


Next up is Ommegang Gnomegang, another Belgian Strong Pale Ale. This time it comes from New York brewer, Ommegang. They are hands down one of the best breweries in the country. We all hope they continue making some of the best beer out there. This is one of the stronger brews we had the other night, but still easy to drink and refreshing. Watch out, at a 9.5% ABU it can sneak up on you! Also rated “Exceptional” on BeerAdvocate, you should hunt this gnome down while you can – it’s a one-time brew, hopefully to come back soon.


Last, but surely not least – Duvel from Brouwerij Duvel in Belgium. This scores a perfect 100 from the Bros. at BeerAdvocate, meaning “World Class”. Belgian Strong Pale Ales try to reach the level of sophistication that Duvel has had since they started brewing it in 1871. I’m assuming it must have gotten a lot of people in trouble, judging from the name meaning “Devil”. Look at the head on that monster! Like all that came before it in this article, it’s a pale yellow color that you can taste orange, spice, coriander and the yeast in. The main difference is the delicate texture this has in your mouth and that everything is so well balanced.

Overall, it was a great night to be out drink wonderful Belgian brews. We hope to close the week out strong at a couple of places this weekend. Go enjoy some for yourself!

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