The Observer’s Jim Schutze wrote a great article about the mosquito / West Nile / paranoid spraying that will be going on in Dallas County.

I haven’t done the research Jim has, but here’s my opinion in the matter – it sucks to not have the choice to be subjected to poison falling from the sky. There’s enough shit in the air, water and food supply without adding to it. At least I have a degree of control over some of this. I don’t have to eat fast food (I do, but limited…). I don’t have to drink alcohol (I do, but…well no, not limited…). I don’t have to smoke (I don’t…). But…I do have to be either inside with the air conditioning on or outside. There aren’t many other options outside of that. I am a sweaty son of a bitch, so sitting around inside with no air in the Dallas heat is not one of my options, people. I think the whole thing is ridiculous.

Read the article here…

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