This weekend resulted in a hilariously insulting comment from a “gentleman” from Missouri named Todd Akin. He is currently a U.S. Representative from the Show-Me State. He’s now running against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). I say hilariously, because it’s genuinely funny to me how politicians keep their true feelings and opinions hidden for so long, before temporarily dropping their guard on the campaign trail. This moron has been elected to the House of Representatives for District 2 since 2000. Since 2002, he hasn’t received less than 61% of the vote!

When asked his stance on abortion -  First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. 

Now, there are many things wrong with this statement, but let me cover a couple specifically -

1. What doctor is this nutcase talking to and why do they have a license? Well, Mother Jones has already covered this topic. These physicians need to prove the statements their putting out there, but I’m sure they can’t empirically do that. Pregnancies from rape happen a little over 32,000 per year. I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine the mental and physical trauma women forced to have that child would undergo the rest of their life. And telling people that it just doesn’t happen because a woman can shut down her organs is ridiculous ONLY if they didn’t REALLY want it is a flat out lie.

2. What the fuck is a “legitimate rape” versus…what, “rape”…? This isn’t even worth talking about, is it? Look at that crusty ass, old bastard…who cares about his opinion on the subject of a woman’s choice about her body? Well, unfortunately when he gets this far into the Senate race, we all need to pay a little more attention. He could be 1 of 2 people representing the state of Missouri. 1 of 100 that represent their State. 100 out of 313 million people are elected into this position. Just the fact he would utter these words and show his true thoughts (that he has since apologized for – fuck you, sir…) should tip people off! On average, Akin has been leading the race by 5 points, May 24 – August 12. Now that this has happened, who knows what will come about. There is a big push to get him out, but that’s who they wanted there and that’s why he won the primary. The populace ignores stupid statements all of the time, why should that change now? But, back to the word “legitimate” – it slants toward the meaning that women are lying about what happened. So, Akin lies about a non-existent quality in female anatomy, then calls women liars about claiming a rape happened…or else they wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Pretty infuriating…

Here, we can clearly see the natural defense mechanisms of the female anatomy. The gun turrets in the top right and left corners will take out any unwanted sperm.

In conclusion…fuck this guy. That is all.

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