I don’t know if it’s possible to be a “Beef Jerky Connoisseur” without admitting there’s something  strange about you.

Well, I’m ready to admit it, I guess.  Like you didn’t know this already.

Can we all agree that store bought beef jerky is fucking disgusting?  Jack Link’s tastes like that sasquatch’s cock.  Why is it so greasy and smell like death?  Oberto?  Eek, no.  And god forbid it comes down to eating Slim Jim…that can’t happen.

So, hand sliced Hard Times Beef Jerky is the best I’ve ever come across.  It’s made with A LOT of soy sauce, so you better not have a problem with salt.  They make Hot, Original, Black Pepper and Teriyaki.  You can buy it online in massive containers, but if you’re in Oklahoma or driving through, it’s in almost every gas station.

Who knew there were beef jerky snobs outside of the Ozarks?!

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