God dammit.


I am getting SICK of all of these awesome places to eat in Dallas.

Well, okay, I’m being dramatic.

Cane Rosso is authentic Neapolitan pizza.  They import their flour from Italy to get JUST the right ingredients.  On top of that, the founder Jay Jerrier, started out by building a wood burning stove in 2005 – in his backyard.  He wound up seeking out training by a Neapolitan Pizza Association (Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana), because, well he sucked at first.  In 2009, he started a food truck with a mobile catering oven that’s still out on the town.  Later, the spot pictured opened up in Deep Ellum, February 2011.  And again, he asked the pros for some help.  Smart man!  He brought on Chef Dino Santonicola from Naples, Italy.  I guess if you want someone who knows their shit, go where the food originated, huh?

Everything about this place is purely unique awesomeness.  The oven was made by a third generation oven builder in Italy.  The flour is imported from Italy, which produces a homemade dough daily.  It’s only made from flour, water, sea salt and yeast.  Oddly enough, it tasted like a perfect pancake to me.  Just a little charred on the outside, but chewy on the inside and bursting with taste.  The mozzarella is hand-pulled daily.  The sauce is hand-ground San Marzano tomatoes – you got it, imported from Italy.  The Italian sausage is made daily down the street at Jimmy’s Food Store.  The salami is made in New York Salumeria Biellese who has been doing so since 1925.  Everything – EVVVVVVERYTHING – tastes as good as this sounds.  Superfresh, tasty deliciousness.

We sat on the patio, which has quickly become known as the most dog friendly in the City [which is very dog friendly everywhere].  We ordered a Deep Ellum IPA, which has just recently been released.  Man, is this a damn good IPA.  Pretty bitter, with a lot of orange and pine cones, a very outdoorsy smell and taste.  It went together PERFECTLY with the appetizer we got.  We ordered the Focaccia, which only had rosemary, garlic and olive oil on top of it.  Again, this shit was amazing people.  Very chewy and overflowing with flavor.  The rosemary on top turned my wife off, but I piled hers on my slice.  It was incredible, cooked right on top of it.  Loved it.

And last, but not least – the pizza.  We ordered two – a Zoli [named after Jay's red Vizsla dog] and a Funghi.  The Zoli comes with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, Jimmy’s Sausage and salami.  It was out of this world!   What stands out?  The sausage by far.  Holy shit!  Go to Jimmy’s Food Shop – now.  I know I will be.  The salami was incredible, too.  I won’t be making a trip to NY for it, however.  The Funghi was pretty straightforward – mushroom pizza.  Nothing extravagant, just delicious mushrooms.  I do have one thing, that sounds like a common complaint.  The crust on the pizza gets soggy and chewy as hell.  Well, deal with it, because it tastes like heaven.  They do have a Regina Margherita that’s made with buffalo cheese, which is lower moisture and shouldn’t make the crust so soggy.  I might try that next time to taste the difference.  You may notice that there are no pictures of the pizza.  You can thank my tablemates for that – hungry bastards tore into it and there was nothing left!  So sorry!  I guess that means you have to go see it on your own.

Food – Incredible.  Order what you’d like, but if you’re a meat eater and don’t get the sausage you’re making a bad decision.

Drink – You can and must get Deep Ellum IPA anywhere in town, if you like bitter IPA’s.  It went very well with the yeasty dough.

Atmosphere – It was an excellent day for a patio!  Dog friendly always scores extra points in my book, too.

Service – The service was a Deep Ellum kind of eccentric – loved it.  On top of drinks, food and the ticket.  Good tip.

Overall – Return trip is necessary.  This place is fantastic.

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5 Responses to Cane Rosso and Deep Ellum IPA, Dallas, TX.

  1. David says:

    Who writes this garbage? Seriously, the first 2 lines of this blog post were enough to kill any interest I had in finishing it. I’ve had BDT bookmarked for awhile but will never return to their blog if this is the crap writing they’re putting out.

  2. bryan@bestdamnthings.com says:

    There are a couple of us, David, but I did this one. Glad you stopped by, it seems you have a brilliant personality.

  3. Michelle says:

    I love me some Big T. She’s the shiz.

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