In what has become known on a lot of lists as the best Chinese food in Dallas, First Chinese BBQ in Richardson did not disappoint last night.  Well, not completely at least.

It has an excellent take-out section as soon as you walk in, with roasted ducks hanging, whole chickens browning and pots of intestines simmering.  Most of the meat they serve, you can order by the pound here.

We got seated quickly, but be careful it’s cash only.  We even knew that and still forgot!  The ATM is across the damn street at the Shell station… The service started out fine.  We got shuffled between a couple of people and got our drinks soon.  The hot tea is delicious and the Coke is well…Coke.  It went downhill from there, service wise.

Each dish came out individually, which is fine if you want to share, like we did.  We started with the Barbeque Pork Won Ton soup.  It was great, too.  I wasn’t sure what was making the broth a little fishy, but it was that there were bits of shrimp in the won ton.  The barbeque pork in the soup was incredible!  A perfectly done tenderloin cut into big slices.  Then Barbequed Pork Fried Rice came out.  Excellent as well.  It has smaller bits of pork mixed in, with stiff vegetables and a light, fluffy rice.  Damn, I think it’s the best fried rice I’ve had.  The Chicken Fried Rice was excellent, too. The portions are huge, so you can probably share. I look forward to having something more complex the next time, because it looked great at other tables.  This time, though, we were in a bit of a hurry to get to a movie.

This is where the service became a problem.  We didn’t see anyone after we got our meals.  We finally flagged down some help to get a couple of boxes and the ticket.  That was pretty difficult, however, they were nice people.

The overall atmosphere isn’t good or bad.  Just standard booths and tables, lots of different languages being spoken throughout the diverse crowd.  You’re not going for the looks of the place, kind of like Pho Bang, you’re going for the food.  It gets VERY busy at dinner time.  We got there just in time, because as we were leaving the parking lot was becoming an obstacle course.  People waiting on parking spots, parking on curbs, etc.

Food – Excellent.  Get the barbequed pork.  The roasted duck is supposed to be out of this world.

Drink – No beer, but it looks BYOB.

Atmosphere – Meh.  Not important here.  It was clean, that’s all that matters.

Service – Kind of a letdown, but everyone was very nice.

Overall – Definitely going to be returning.

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