We stopped by Vietnam Restaurant, Bar an Grill last night for some pho.  It’s located on Bryan Street in Dallas, TX.  We’ve heard some good things about it recently and wanted to try it for ourselves.

The front desk and servers were all very prompt and polite, joking around with us about rushing in out of the cold weather.  I couldn’t think of anything better to have last night than some hot pho.

I started with the hot and sour soup, with chicken.  It was great at first, but I don’t think I could sit and eat the whole bowl.  It was cool that it was overflowing with tomatoes, onions and pineapple…but time to move on to the main course.


Joe got the banh mi with chicken.  The consensus was that the chicken was outstanding.  The size of the sandwich was a little small, but it all worked very well.  We noticed it didn’t have a lot of the toppings, such as pickled vegetables and dressing, but again…a damn good sandwich.

And we all got a large bowl of pho.  This is completely different from any bowl I’d had before.  The broth is dark and seasoned with cinnamon.  That takes you off guard and you’ll fall in love with it immediately.  Two of us got the brisket, which went together with the seasoning perfectly.  The meat wasn’t trimmed, but was cooked so well that the fat fell right off.  Naturally, I had a big disgusting pile of it on the plate in front of me.  There were plenty of noodles, but it seemed we both ran out of meat fairly soon.  After the excitement wore off about the cinnamon, I think it starts to overpower everything.  So much so, it tastes like you just put a handful in your mouth.  Something I love about pho is the simple broth that changes flavor with the jalapenos, Thai basil or cliantro you add to it.  This bowl simply couldn’t do that…but it was still something you need to try.

Food – Great, you need to try the pho.  Not sure if it’s great enough to force us back through the door anytime soon.

Drink – Failed to mention Saigon and Tsing Tao were both on our table.  They have a small bottled beer selection, which was much appreciated!

Atmosphere – VERY nice in here.  So quiet and laid back.  Towards the end, we saw the karaoke DJ setting up and fucking bailed…quick.

Service – This was  a highlight.  Everyone was very nice and we tipped well.

Overall – Great place for a date, lots of seating, excellent service and good food all at a fair price.

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