While it’s devoted to independent and specialty films, it’s easy to find the best new releases playing at the Angelika Film Center and Cafe in Dallas as well.  Located so damn conveniently at Mockingbird Station, it’s easy to catch the Dart Rail from about anywhere to enjoy this place.  Besides the normal popcorn and Icee, you can also enjoy beer, wine or gourmet coffees with your movie.  Or just make yourself at home in the cafe and enjoy lunch or dinner while watching a complimentary “oldie” on the big screen.  They also play some of the most popular television on Sunday nights including AMC’s The Walking Dead… in the theater…  for FREE.  If you’re a fan of zombies it’s quite an experience indeed as zombie sightings in the crowd are very common.  While the decor is very modern and somewhat fancy, it doesn’t come off as pretentious in the least with it’s mostly bohemian crowd.  There’s 8 screens for a wide selection of movies that you may or may not be able to catch at your local McMegaPlex.   Overall it’s a really cool, hip place to catch the best damn things on the big screen.

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