What’s not to love about Flagstaff, Arizona?  It’s a small, beautiful mountain town with rich history and a diverse culture.  Throw in a university and a thriving historic downtown nestled in the shadow of Arizona’s tallest mountains on top of that.  Then mix all of those ingredients together and you will end up dining in the most unbelievable setting, eating some of the best food you’ve ever had.  Sure Flagstaff is considered a “tourist hub” due to it’s proximity to the Grand Canyon, Snow Bowl Ski Resort, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and Route 66.  But at the same time the major hotels where travelers will generally stay are outside of town on the interstate along side your typical corporate bullshit like The Sizzler and Papa Johns. This leaves the culture of downtown virtually tourist free and a place for fun loving locals to enjoy the real deal.  Did I mention there’s also several local breweries in town?  All of this is heaven for a guy like me.  While there is no doubt there is something for everyone here, one thing is for certain… I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, you will fucking love the beer and pizzas at Beaver Street Brewery.

First off the place itself is amazing.  It is of course located downtown, in a historic building circa 1938.  A great place to enjoy their award winning handcrafted beer and anything off of their amazing menu.  There is also an outdoor beer garden planted with native grown hops and an impressive view of the snow capped San Francisco Peaks.  Back inside they have an antique Brunswick bar, 5 professional Connelly pool tables, video trivia, video games, big screen TV’s and a leather lounge area.   If that’s not enough, how about this impressive list of micro brews(A quick word of advice – Don’t skip the Oatmeal Stout! It’s one of the best stouts I’ve ever had.)  Of course the service is quick and friendly as you’d expect it to be in such a laid back town.

Their menu really is amazing.  There’s soups, chili’s, sandwiches, fondues and on and on.  Just browse through the menu here and see for yourself.  But what you really, really must hear about are the pizza’s.  I’m constantly on the lookout for the best pizza and I’m afraid my quest may now be over.  I can’t imagine anything ever beating this.  I’ve had the following four pizzas in particular at Beaver Street.  Click the images to see the details, but be warned – you will likely spontaneously orgasm.

First – El Gordo.  Wood fired with cilantro chili pesto topped with Monterey Jack, Romano, white and yellow Cheddar cheeses, ham, bacon, sausage coins, red and green onions and tomato.  On top, a sprinkling of fresh cilantro.  Holy shit.  As a meat lover, I can tell you this is a meat lovers dream.  Besides the amazing combination of ingredients, the ingredients themselves are all as fresh, juicy and delicious as it gets.

Second – Three Sausage. Again, vegetarians and vegans look away.  This has a tangy marinara topped with Parmesiano Reggiano, Romano and Mozzarella cheeses with an assortment of fresh smoked sausages, mushrooms, caramelized onions and sprinkled with chopped parsley.  Yeah, holy shit.  Again, when I say “fresh” ingredients I mean like just cut off the pig carcass type fresh.  Amazing tasting.

Third – BBQ Chicken.  I’ve never considered BBQ Chicken pizza to be worth a shit… I stand corrected.  Sweet, smokey barbecue sauce topped with smoked Gouda and Mozzarella cheeses, juicy, tender chunks of just grilled chicken breast, red onions, scallions, red bell peppers and chopped parsley.  This was a perfect storm of sweet and smokey ingredients.  Each one complimented the other in such a delectable way I can’t even describe.  It tastes so good, it’s almost a desert pizza.  The best BBQ sauce I’ve ever had too by the way.

Fourth – Enchanted Forest.  It’s like choosing a favorite child, but my Sophie’s Choice here would be the Enchanted Forest.  Yes, even as a meat lovers meat lover I’m going to go with this all veggie pizza.  Artichoke olive pesto topped with thick portabello mushroom slices, fresh spinach, roasted red bell peppers, French Brie, walnuts, coarse ground black pepper, Parmesiano Reggiano cheese and topped with fresh basil.  Oh. My. God.  This pizza is absolutely the best I’ve ever had.  I can’t say anything more or I will begin to weep.

The crust on all of the pizza’s are consistent, wood fired  to just the right crispness with the perfect amount of charred edges.  After this trip I now know that I only have two choices to make.  Either move to Flagstaff as close to Beaver Street Brewery as possible or build a wood burning pizza oven in my back yard and spend the rest of my life trying to recreate these amazing pies.  I’m leaning toward the former…


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