There were a lot of things right with Eno’s Pizza last night.  We didn’t have to wait for a table, and we got an upstairs spot.  It kind of sucked because the table was sitting underneath an air vent that seemed to be pumping out 52 degree air!  The upstairs is always lively, but tonight was something…special.  There were kids abound, almost like Chuck E. Cheese. Screaming and running up and down the stairs isn’t what we really wanted to hear, maybe we should have taken a seat downstairs…

We had to wait a minute for help from the server to come by, but it wasn’t all that long.  We drank Racer 5, Tank 7 and a Dale’s Pale Ale (which we’ll probably review separately…).  We got an appetizer of Roasted Bread.  Don’t underestimate the supreme nature of this Roasted Bread.  It comes with garlic butter, which is just the right temperature to spread easily.  It may be a little salty, but who cares?!  Incredible.  The pizza was INCREDIBLE, yet again.  One of the best in Dallas for sure. We ordered a Traditional and an Original.  The peppers tasted super-fresh, the meats did as well.  What I really loved was the charred green onion on the Original…so awesome.  The crust on their pizza is a nice, flaky thin crust with a slightly sweet sauce.  It’s a must try.  I don’t know if I would be able to order anything else on the menu, despite all of the options…


Food – High quality, a must have in the city of Dallas.

Drink – Excellent beer selection.  A lot of them you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Atmosphere – Tonight sucked in this area.  Other occasions has been a delight…may just be an off night where parents didn’t know where the fuck they were…

Service – Great staff, ready to help whenever necessary.

Overall – Go.  Now.

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