About us.

BestDamnThings consists of your regular, everyday, small group of friends who really just love the best of “the simple things” and enjoy sharing our experiences and new ideas with like minded people.  You will not see us review Applebee’s nor will you see our opinions on luxury hotels.  Here you will find more cultural links to cool websites, videos and news articles plus our reviews on the best beer, local and international restaurants and food stands, great movies, books and music.

We  travel as much as our schedules allow and try our best to go to the most interesting, off the beaten path places no matter where we may be.  We take notes and photos as much as possible to help chronicle our experiences as accurately as we can.  Then we pass that info onto bestdamnthings.com where people can find new ideas and comment with their own experiences and opinions.

We want our readers to have the same great adventure we have so we never announce ahead of time or let anyone know we’re critics until after we’ve formed our opinion.  That way you can count on our reviews being 100% honest representations of what we feel is a great experience.

We’re awfully glad that you’re here, partaking with us and sharing your thoughts on our perception of the best damn things out there.  Enjoy!



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