GO! Well, almost.

Things are progressing quite smoothly at our new place, Dallas Beer Kitchen. We’d like to post our new email address for interview and sales requests. Please reach us at -


And Like us at -


We’ll also be happy to give out our numbers, but not here! There’s some creepy people on the internet, especially those blogger folks! ;) Speaking of that, we are to the point that we’d like to offer some people a chance to come check the place out. We’re not open for business, but the inside is quickly coming together. So, if you’d like to come by for an interview and a couple of free beers – let us know and we’ll schedule some time for you to run by some evening. Interviews will be cross-posted right here on the same day as you post them. Next week we plan on posting some pictures of our own and some more details around what we’re here to offer. SO – if you want to be first to market, contact us soon!

Impeccable Customer Service.

Excellent Food and Beverage.

Comfortable Atmosphere.

Dallas Beer Kitchen

1802 Greenville Ave. Ste. 110

Dallas, TX 75206

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